Philip E. Andreae is in internationally experienced individual capable of designing managing and implementing complex solutions. I have found my next career step within the Accenture family.


03/17/2012 13:52:55 -0400


My history is in three stages. 


In the beginning, 4 years on the job computer sciences experience.  


Next 5 years as a project / program manager. I built trading rooms on Wall Street.  Then to Europe to build rooms in Victoria and the City of London.  This created a reputation of delivering cutting edge results in solutions constrained by tight budgets, limited execution time frames and complex user requirements. 


The next phase, leadership and operating at the C level.  Our goal to building transaction processing, clearing and settlement systems while expanding and operating a 120 point European network, requiring 5 nines and capacity for Seasonal peaks: quality initiatives, EDP audits, information engineering techniques, innovation and product leadership.


Got caught up in smart cards, EMV, fraud, identity, credential, certificates and cryptography; we can claim responsibility for the technology in 1.4 billion Bank Cards and 20 million merchant terminals. 


I did have one opportunity to conduct a downsizing after I took over the role of Director European Telecommunications for Shearson Lehman London.  An interesting memory of what we are currently going through after the crash of that same leadership, the other partners already having moved to Citibank.


In 1996 established PA&A.  I successfully created the ability to help business, operations and technology executive view their opportunities and issues.  Focusing on client value, drive mentor products and projects, look at operations & solutions while focusing stakeholder returns. 


Philip has extensive international experience with payment solutions ranging from credit and debit cards to ACH, secure wire and mobile.


In summary, I manage the creation of organizational change, technology integration, business process changes and complexity; in an integrated package.


Of particular interest I've specialized in the migration to "Chip and PIN', EMV, Smart Cards, eMoney helping issuers, acquirers, processors. merchants and banks appreciate the security implications and value added opportunities.


Along with all of this I have been focused on a potential investment that requires significant funding given the activities of other chasing trust and secure computing.


I am ready to relocate and travel.


Current thinking is about Mobile Financial Services