My Wallet           

An idea that would give criminals the tool to make cards on the fly. 

Give the consumer the ability to display 3d bar codes so they can be scanned.  The device would always have the ability to replicate for any merchant's card reader, the magnetic stripe.  

A device that can be used to manage all of your electronic affairs in the space we now allot to our purse or wallet. 


Did I say it would manage your 


Services and Memberships

Why not take our existing cards.  The "Card Brick", and turn it into a secure component.  A component that can be used in all forms of exchange, where identity and a guarantee is important.

A dream predicated on the assumption that whatever our age we can understand and utilize that which man creates. 

Cards are a good and a well understood form factor.  One advertisement once demonstrated that even in the thinnest of bathing suits we can always carry one card.

It is the idea of one card that fascinated my imagination between 1991 and 1999. 

We don't want one card.  We understand that the card must have security features, recognizable as issued by said institution ... .  We want to be able to present something to an agent wishing to identity me. 

Biometrics will form a core component of the security it affords when considering identity verification. 

The design also keys off the work that has been done in developing the electronic passport, HIPAA, smart drivers license, transit fare card, EMV for credit and debit, US Government Id and other international initiatives.

It would help if  all institutions working in the field of mobile computing and persistent user facing utilities agree to work together towards a dream. 

As for the number of cards I think I should carry.  I'll settle for four. 

Near Field Communication is the opening that let's me take control of my life. 

When you ping my card I want to decide if I want you to read my information. 

Therefore My Wallet becomes that logical point for me to interact unless of course you have a larger CPU, keyboard or screen I can attach to.  More of that when we sign an NDA.





..\My Wallet 2.ppsx



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